The ‘farmhacker’ digitizing how bees are monitored


Entrepreneur Amaete Umanah presents the Honeyflow Africa kit at the TechCrunch event Battlefield Africa in December 2018. Honeyflow AfricaCNN — 

There is a particular sound a queen bee makes when she is preparing to summon her troops into a swarm and head out for new horizons.

That sound is ominous for a beekeeper, as it indicates the impending loss of much of their hive, and a blow to their business.

Farmer Amaete Umanah thinks he has a solution for this, and many other beekeeping challenges.

The Nigerian-American entrepreneur, who describes himself as a “farmhacker” has developed a sophisticated monitoring system with his company Honeyflow Africa, founded with partner Joshua Agbomedarho, which he believes can revolutionize the Nigerian honey industry.

“We’re digitizing how we monitor bees,” says Umanah. “With modern technology…we can help local economies and alleviate poverty.”

The monitoring kit, supplied by US company OS Beehives, provides deep data for beekeepers.

The monitoring kit, supplied by US company OS Beehives, provides deep data for beekeepers. OSBEEHIVES

AI Software

The Honeyflow Africa system is composed of a battery of sensors feeding information to a smartphone app that allows the beekeeper to monitor their hives remotely.

A device installed inside the hive monitors temperature and humidity to ensure that optimal conditions are contained. The device also captures sound, which is analyzed with artificial intelligence software to detect the behavioral patterns of the bee colony, such as preparations for departure.

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